Calling to and from Yahoo! Messenger
All GTalk2VoIP voice services previously availabe only for Google Talk users are now possible with Yahoo! Messenger. This means, Yahoo! Messenger users can:
  • Make calls to PSTN via GTalk2VoIP voip carriers.
  • Make calls to other IMs (Google Talk and MSN/Live Messenger).
  • Make calls to SIP phones and SIP services.
  • Receive calls from SIP.
  • Use voicemail and voice conferencing with other IM clients.

Technical details:

These services can be used through a service bot: which you have to invite to your Yahoo! Messenger (it will be then displayed as Usage instructions are the same as for Google Talk or MSN/Live Messenger: you send it CALL command to initiate a call, like:

CALL to call Google Talk user , or

CALL to call MSN/Live Messenger user , or

CALL to call SIP service.

The service bot automatically recognizes your callee type, but you can also manually define it by using following prefixes:

gtalk: - to initiate a call to Google Talk, or

msn: - to initiatite a call to MSN/Live Messenger, or

yahoo: - to initiate a call to Yahoo! Messenger, or

sip: - to initiate a call to SIP phone.

  • To access Yahoo! Messenger users from other IMs, a CALL command should be initiated to service bot, like:
    CALL yahoo:

  • Calls from SIP network to Yahoo! Messenger should be routed to:


  • Google Talk users can add Yahoo contacts to their roster like:

Have a nice call!

Send all your questions and ideas for further service improvements to GTalk2VoIP TEAM. We would certainly like to hear from y ou!

If you've tested and liked our services, please let your friends know about it, send them a voice mail. Thank you.

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