Custom-defined SIP providers

Use your SIP accounts to make or receive calls on Talkonaut, Google Talk and other VoIM messengers

Since September 14th, 2009 this service is a premium service available unlimited for $4 per month subscription fee. To subcribe to this service, please visit your Personal Account Page (MYPAGE).

Ever wanted to make calls to phones from your voice capable IM messenger using your existing SIP accounts ?

Ever wanted to use SIP services provided by some other VoIP companies (like Gizmo5, FreeWorldDialup, Betamax, SIPNET, etc) but don't like to run messy softphone software ?

Now you can do that with your existing VoIM client like Talkonaut, Google Talk, MSN or Yahoo messenger in conjunction with GTalk2VoIP gateway. Still nothing to install, just go to your personal account page, define your SIP accounts, dialing plans (if needed) and make regular calls through GTalk2VoIP which will be routed to your SIP service providers. There is no per-minute charge for this service from GTalk2VoIP.

Technical details

Step 1. Register to GTalk2VoIP service from main page, accept invitation from the gateway.
Step 2. Get to your personal account page: send MYPAGE command to service bot ( in Google Talk or serviceXXX in Yahoo or MSN), follow the link displayed.
  • Step 3. Choose Define your own SIP providers, add your SIP accounts as in the following:
  • Press Add to add new account entry.
  • Fill-in the for, including:
    • Username - your existing SIP account name;
    • Pasword - password for your existing SIP account;
    • Confirm password - repeat your password;
    • Host - SIP server/proxy domain name;
    • Port - a SIP signaling UDP port used on SIP server. Usually it is 5060, if you are not sure, please leave it as is.
    • Techprefix - a string of digits (or '+' sign) used to prepend each called phone number when placing calls through this SIP service provider. For example, some SIP services (like Actionvoip, Voipstunt, or other Betamax clones) want you to prepend dialing numbers with 00. For Gizmo5 accounts please use '+'.
    • If you want our gateway to register on SIP service using your credentials, set Register to SIP proxy checkbox. In that case, you will receive incoming calls to your VoIM client directed from this SIP service provider. If you are not sure, please leave it unset.
    • Set Enable checkbox. You may use the option to temporary disable this SIP account entry.
  • Press Save to save the changes.
  • To take changes in effect, you need to re-login to your VoIM client (Sign-off/Sign-On cycle).
  • Step 4. Go back to your Home on personal account page and choose Define your dialing plan.
  • Press Add to add new dialing entry.
  • Fill-in the form, including:
    • Order - order number, used to select this dialing entry when callling, values are: [1 - 1000]. 1 means "choose me first".
    • Prefix - defines destination, a part of telephone number which will be compared when dialing. If prefix matches the phone number you are calling, the dial entry is used. Please, define Prefix in E.164 (international) like, like: 1650 - for US California, 65 - for Singapore, 7495 - Russia, Moscow and so on.
    • Select Provider which will be used to route calls to this destination. Your user-defined SIP accounts will be in the very top of the list. If some of your SIP accounts not present, that means they are temporary off (see Enable option for SIP accounts above).
    • Set Enable checkbox to enable this entry. This option can be used to temporary disable the dialing entry.
  • Press Save to save the changes.
Step 5. Make calls.

Have a nice call!

Send all your questions and ideas for further service improvements to GTalk2VoIP TEAM. We would certainly like to hear from y ou!

If you've tested and liked our services, please let your friends know about it, send them a voice mail. Thank you.

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