DID phone numbers and Forwarding
GTalk2VoIP Gateway provides you outstanding service to save on long distance calls, without any software and in a very convenient way - calling right from your mobile or land-line phone. The service is named Phones and Forwarding.

The service works like this:

1. Through your Personal Account Page on our web site, you obtain a virtual phone number (DID number) in same country and area you are located.

2. You setup forwarding for this DID number to call some destination abroad you wish to reach (like to a phone number in India to reach your relatives).

3. You store this DID number in your phonebook and, when you want to reach your relatives, you just call it right from your mobile (or land-line) phone. Your call will be almost isntantly connected to your destination you pointed to in step 2.

4. You may obtian and set as many DID numbers as you like, forwarding to different destinations, or even to a SIP URI. Basic rule is one DID number per one destination. You can freely re-adjust forwarding destination to each of your DID numbers at any time.

Applicable charges:

1. Your calls from your phone number to DID number will be treated as local/domestic calls. In some countries such calls are totally free, in others you may want to subscribe to "bundled minutes" plan. It is recommended that you consult with your telephone service provider to know how local calls are being billed for you.

2. Obtaining a DID phone number will cost you depending on your country and area. The cheapest DID numbers are available in US/Ohio for $2 setup fee and $2 monthly fee.

3. All your forwarded calls will be charged on per-second basis using our registered providers. See rates here. Cheapest India route is available at $0.027 a minute.

4. You may use your own SIP accounts on Betamax clones (freecall, voipstunt, actionvoip), Gizmo5, etc. To route your calls through these you need to set up your Dialing Plan (available on personal account page). In this case, to make your calls unlimited, you will have to subscribe to Custom-defined SIP Calling premium service.

To summarize: your charges for calling to India from US maybe a low as: $2 monthly subscription fee (no VoIP minutes included) and $0.027 per minute (plus possible local call charges).

Detailed instructions:

To obtain a DID phone number, please follow these steps:

1. Subscribe to the service from our website:

  • Go to the main page of this site and submit your user id by pressing "Invite" button, then accept invitation from .

2. Send MYPAGE command to service bot from inside of your IM messenger, wait till bot responds with a link to your Personal Account Page, then click it.

3. Click on "Buy a phone number" and pass the following four steps:

Step 1. Choose a country you want to buy a phone number from, then click "Next >>>"

Step 2. Choose an area code you want to buy a phone number from and click "Next >>>"

Step 3a. Choose a phone number from the list of available"

Step 3b. On same page, fill in Forward calls to with your destination phone number you wish to reach, then click "Next >>>"

Step 4. Read through the terms and confirm your choise by clicking "I confirm and want to buy this number!"

4. Once your DID phone number purchase is finished, you may start calling your DID number instantly and get connected to the destination number you provided in Forward calls to.

5. To change your destination to which calls are being forwarded to, visit your Personal Account Page and click on Manage phone numbers. Find a DID number you wish to modify and click on destination infornt of it (last column - Forward to), enter new destination, then click Save. If destination has not yet been set, it will be shown as [UNSET].

6. If you choose to keep your forwarding destination unset, all your calls to this DID number will be routed to your messenger (Google Talk, Talkonaut, MSN, Yahoo or AIM).

Important notes:

  • Setup fee and monthly fee will be charged to your balance right after you confirm your choise, so you will have to have enough credits to complete the purchase.
  • Your DID phone number will be available right after purchase is successful, so you can try calling your purchased DID phone number right away.
  • You will have 12 (twelve) hours to test each new DID phone number and release it within this test period and have 100% (setup fee + monthly fee) funds return to your GTalk2VoIP accountm which and can be used to purchase other GTalk2VoIP services. Refunding from GTAlk2VoIP to Paypal, is impossible!
  • Releasing purchased DID phone number after testing period won't lead to refund. So, if you face any issues with your DID phone number, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Monthly fee will be charged your account each month starting from the date of purchase. If there will be no sufficient credits to prolong your DID phone number subscription, the number will be released automatically and will be exposed to other users for purchase. So, please, don't forget to update your balance in time.
  • You can release (unsubscribe) your phone number at any time (use "Manage phone numbers" on your personal account page).
  • After you release your phone number it is no longer belonging to you and no monthly fee is charged. There is no way to return a DID number that was released! So be careful!
  • And the last. You can buy as many DID phone numbers as you want.

Have a nice call!

Send all your questions and ideas for further service improvements to GTalk2VoIP TEAM. We would certainly like to hear from you!

If you've tested and liked our services, please let your friends know about it, send them a voice mail. Thank you.

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