Skype Outgoing Calling service (premium)

Skype Outgoing Calling service (premium)

We are pleased to announce a new premium service for Google Talk and Talkonaut users which allows to make outgoing calls to any contact in Skype network. This service is unlimitly available for $5 per month, or you may choose to use it in demo mode which is limited to 3 minutes per call. The demo mode is available by default and does not take you to do any payments, see usage instructions below. This service is based on Opensky service and is jointly provided by GTalk2VoIP and Gizmo5.

To subscribe for Skype Outgoing Calling premium service you will have to visit your personal account page (MYPAGE) and click on "Purchase Skype Outgoing Calling" button, then follow instructions. Please be careful to read through terms and conditions below before proceeding with the purchase.

Terms, Conditions and Limitations

This service is our first attempt to add Skype support into our GTalk2VoIP gateway and into our mobile VoIP apllication - Talkonaut, hence it is very basic and can be use only to make outgoing calls to Skype contacts. The service has the following limitations:

  • The service cannot be used to receive calls from Skype contacts or Skype services.
  • The service cannot be used to make calls to phone numbers using SkypeOut credits.
  • The service cannot be used to participate in Skype voice or Skype chat conferences.
  • The service cannot be used for IM chat with Skype contacts or to receive presence info from them.

    We hope you understand that this service depends on may other services and companies, each may behave unpredictively. In this regard, there is no any kind of warrenty or guarantee provided on this service as the underlyng technology is very complex and may fail at any time.

    We do provide 100% refund of your setup fees back to your GTalk2VoIP balance (no refunds to Paypal accounts can be made) if, and only in case, you release (unsubscribe) from this service in twelve hours since the moment of purchase (subscription). These twelve hours are provided for you to thoroughly test the servie and to help you make your decision on whether you want to proceed using it or not. If 12 hours period is passed, no refund is possible.

    You are able to unsubscribe from this service at any time or subscribe back. Each time you subscribe, will be charged $5 monthly fee. This same fee will also be automatically withdrawn from your GTalk2VoIP balance on monthly basis. If no sufficient amount of credits is available on your balance, the service will be automatically cancelled, to re-new it you will have to pass with another subscription. You are limited to make three re-subscriptions per week.

    We understand that this service is very limited and are working on to offer you more comprehensive Skype service with IM chat, presence and many other features. We will let you know about its avaialbility soon as we get it ready.

    Usage instructions for Talkonaut

    Note, that Skype calling is available in Talkonaut since version 5.03.08 (get it here).

    1. While in Talkonaut, add Skype contact through Menu->Add contact, set Contact-Type to Skype.

    2. A new Skype tab will appear and your Skype contact will be shown in this tab.

    3. Select your Skype contact and press YES (green key of your phone) to initiate skype call.

    4. Wait till your call is established, then talk.

    5. Press NO (red key of your phone) to hangup the call.

    Usage instructions for Google Talk

    1. Subscribe to GTalk2VoIP service by submitting your gmail ID from

    2. Add Skype contact into your Google Talk in the following way: press Add then type in skype contact like XXXXXXX\, substitute XXXXXXX with your recipient's Skype ID.

    3. Find this contact in your Google Talk contact list.

    4. Press Call button (small green handset icon).

    5. Wait till your call is established, then talk.

    Good luck!

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