GTalk2VoIP for Your Domain

GTalk2VoIP for Your Domain: Receiving SIP calls to your Google Talk on your domain name

This is a Google Talk only service for those who use Google Talk on their own domain, either by using "Google For Your Domain" service or just by registering such Google Talk accounts, we can offer to use our gateway to receive SIP calls directly to the Google Talk.

For example, if you have a domain name deligated to you or your company, and you are using a Google Talk account like , you now can be easily accessed from SIP network by calling to: sip:.

To implement this nice possibility, you have to make some changes in your domain zone file, more precise you have to add the following SRV record:

_sip._udp               86400   IN SRV 5 0 5060

After the changes get propogated, all SIP calls to will be redirected to our GTalk2VoIP gateway, which will then turn them back to your Google Talk account using Jingle Audio protocol.

Please note...

  • You have to subscribe all your Google Talk accounts you want to use to our service.
  • You have to keep your balance positive to be able to make calls.
  • This service also works for MSN/Live Messenger users.
  • This service is offered free of charge.
  • Calls that are not accepted will be routed to voicemail. Please read on how to use it:

Have nice calls!

Send all your questions and ideas for further service improvements to GTalk2VoIP TEAM. We would certainly like to hear from you!

If you've tested and liked our services, please let your friends know about it, send them a voice mail. Thank you.

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