While talking to Google Talk our gateway can use one of the following codecs: G.711 muLaw (PCMU), iLBC and Speex Narrow 11kbit. The default code is iLBC due to it's low bandwidth usage, which makes it possible to use on slow (V.38/V.90) analog modem lines. If you are connected to the Ineternet using high-speed leased line, DSL or Cable, you can switch to Speex or G.711. It will give a lot better voice quality, but will also increase in IP traffic.

To change codec, follow these steps:

Step 1. Send MYPAGE command to service bot and follow the link provided. This is a link to your personal account page.

Step 2. In the top of the page, you could see something like:

Step 3. Click on [Change] link to choose desired codec type appropriate for your internet connection.

Please note...

  • Some Jabber clients different from Google Talk, are not able to talk using Speex codec. Please, read your client application manual or consult developer's site for supported codecs.
  • Highest possible voice quality can be achieved by using G.711 codec. Using this codec requires a high speed internet connection as well as lack of network fluctuations.
  • Speex codec is very much recommended to use.

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