Video calling to SIP soft-phones and SIP devices is now possible from Gmail. | Mar, 01 2010
Availability of Talkster Free World Dialing service through GTalk2VoIP has been terminated due to re-organizations in Talkster. Please visit Talkster's web site for more details. | Dec, 21 2009
Ukash vouchers are now accepted as payment method. | Sep, 15 2009
New outstanding service to save on long distance calls, without any software and in a very convenient way - calling right from your mobile or land-line phone. | May, 05 2009
Premium service: calling to Skype from Talkonaut or Google Talk. Unlimitly available for $5 per month. Demo calls limited to 3 minutes per call. | Mar, 26 2009
GTalk2VoIP and Talkonaut reseller program is now available. Get 3% or more commission on reselling VoIP credits. | Feb, 11 2009
Using Gmail voice chat to make or receive phone calls. | Nov, 20 2008
FreeRinger - a flash based app and service which lets you call for FREE to telephone numbers in more than 30 countries. | Oct, 28 2008
Flex 2.0 API for creating Flash based SIP calling applications is now available. | Oct, 25 2008
Integration with Talkster: Free international calling to 30+ countries. | Jun, 30 2008
Buy a real phone number within any of 40+ countries and receive phone calls right into your messenger. Prices start from $2 per month. | Mar, 31 2008
Talkonaut 4.0 for Nokia Symbian S60 based phones released. Main features: free VoIP calls over GPRS and/or WIFI to Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ and SIP. | Feb, 26 2008
Here is the second essay from GTalk2VoIP dev team members dedicated to developing VoIP software, now for mobile phones. Mid-night reading. | Feb, 06 2008
Free US phone numbers (DIDs) for all Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ users are now available. | Jan, 29 2008
Voice quality issue for iChat (Mac OS X) has bee fixed as well as stability improved. All Macintosh users are welcome to try our VoIP gatewaying and PSTN calling service. | Jan, 08 2008
AIM, ICQ and iChat voice support has been added. Users off all OSCAR based instant messengers can now make voice calls to other IM networks as well as to SIP and phone numbers. | Nov, 22 2007
GTalk2VoIP team has successfully performed server upgade and move to new location with faster internet connection. Now in Mountain View, CA, USA. | Nov, 21 2007
IM initiated callback is now possible with GTalk2VoIP. You can connect any of the phones, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo or SIP legs. UPDATE: adding more participants into a call now possible. | Sep, 20 2007
Radio Broadcasting: listen any of the large list of available internet radio stations right in your Messenger. | Jun, 03 2007
Follow-Me feature: Redirect all incoming SIP calls made to your IM client to any phone number or SIP URI. | Jun, 03 2007
Define your own SIP providers and call through them for free. Define your own dialing plan. | Apr, 16 2007
Together with SIP Broker service we now offer a completely free calling to all US based Toll-Free numbers. This covers the following destinations: , , and . | Mar, 25 2007