GTalk2VoIP Services

GTalk2VoIP gateway provides the following premium and free services to Talkonaut, Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger users:

Premium services

  • Outgoing calls to mobile and landline phones (PSTN):
    • Outgoing calls to telephony are placed through a number of registered voip service providers, each has its own cost/rates for different destinations.
    • Every call is billed on per-second basis using actual talk time measured from the moment of remote phone pickup.

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  • User-defined SIP Calling allows you to define one or more your existing SIP accoutn and route your calls through them. You may also register on SIP Proxy and receive inbound calls from SIP to your messenger.
    Subscription fee is $5 per month.

  • Voice Conferencing allows you to setup voice and text chats to unlimited number of other messenger users.
    Subscription fee is $5 per month.

  • Phone numbers (DIDs) allows you to obtain a phone number in more than 40 countries world-wide and receive all your calls right onto your messegner while you travel, no matter where you are located.
    Subscription fee depends on country code and vendor starting from $2 per month.

  • Phone numbers + Forwarding service allows you to get a phone number in your area and set up forwarding to any other phone number world-while. As such cals will be charged using cheap VoIP providers (per-minute rates), it allows you to make cheap long distance calls right from your landline of mobile phone. It is possible to combine this service with Custom-defined SIP Calling to make more cheap or even free calls. Forwarding to SIP URI is also possible.
    Subscription fee depends on country code and vendor starting from $2 per month.

  • SMS delivery service allows you to send SMS messages to any mobile phone number right from your IM messenger.

Free services

Free incoming calls from PSTN:

  • Using SIP Broker service, it is possible to call to Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger users from mobile or landline phones (PSTN).

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Free outgoing calls to SIP phones:

  • Free of charge service available for all Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger users, which allows to make calls to any SIP complient phone, gateway or device.
  • This service allows you to call Gizmo Project users also.

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Free incoming calls from SIP network:

  • Free of charge service, allows to receive incoming SIP calls from any SIP complient phone, gateway or device.
  • This service allows you to accept calls from Gizmo Project users also.
  • You can use this service to obtain phone numbers (DIDs) from,, or and tie them up to your voice capable instant messenger.
  • Redirect incoming SIP calls to your mobile, landline or SIP phone with Follow-Me feature and never miss a call.

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Voice mail service:

  • Voice mail is a free voice service for IM users. It is accessable via a simple command-based interface (via IM messeging to service bot).
  • Voie mail messages can be sent between all voice capable IM clients, either Google Talk, MSN/Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger.
  • Voice mail messages can be send to the users who are not available at the moment (off-line).
  • When a user signs in to his/her instant messenger, he/she gets a notivicate message with a list of unread voicemails.
  • Voice mail messages are limited in duration: 120 secs max.
  • Currently there is no limit for a number of messages sent or stored in mailbox.

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Voice conferencing service:

  • Any IM user can create one or more conference rooms and invite his/her friends to join the conference.
  • Different types on users are possible to join same conference room.
  • Each time a new conference room is created a cookie (text string of 16 characters) is sent back to the creator who becomes a room master.
  • Anybody can join anyone's conference rooms knowing the cookie associated to a room.
  • When the master leaves the room it is automatically closed and all participants are disconnected from the conference.
  • When someone is joining your conference room an information message is displayed to you.
  • For those who join a room a list of current participants is displayed.
  • Outgoing telephone calls can be made and join outside of a conference session by a room master. These calls are placed and charged as described in "Outgoing calls service" above.

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Free off-line messaging:

  • It's simple. When your friend is off-line you can still send him/her messages via ( for Yahoo users).
  • When your friend comes back on-line your message will be instantly send to him/her.

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