Follow-Me feature: Redirect incoming SIP calls to any phone number or SIP URI
Follow-Me feature is available to all voice capable IM clients (Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo) and let's you forward incoming SIP calls made to your Instant Messanger client to any phone number in the world or to any SIP phone. How this works ?
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  • Define a phone number or a SIP URI you wish calls to be forwarded to on your personal account page: 1. use MYPAGE command to service bot, 2. then choose "Define your Follow-Me number".
  • When SIP call is made to your Instant Messanger and you are not answering the call in 20 secs (or your are off-line or busy), the call is forwarded to your Follow-Me number (or SIP URI).
  • You can read on how to receive SIP calls on your Google Talk, MSN or Yahoo.

Please note...

  • You have to keep your balance positive to be able to receive SIP calls.
  • If you leave Follow-Me number unset, all incoming SIP calls will be redirected to voicemail system after 20 secs of no-answer.
  • Redirecting to SIP URI is free, while redirecting to phone numbers is paid service!
  • When redirecting to a phone number, your Dialing Plan is used to place a call.
  • If you don't have Dialing Plan set, the default (cheapest-goes-first) algorithm is used.
  • You can define your own SIP providers who give you free calling to your phone and use them to redirect not-answered calls. So, redirection to phones can be also free.

Have a nice call!

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