Buying phone number for your voice capable Instant Messenger
GTalk2VoIP Gateway service allows any user of voice capable IM client (VoIM) to buy a real phone number in any of 40+ countries and receive unlimited number of calls from any telephone set in the world right into the messenger. Although the calling service is free, the phone number should be bought and a monthly fees paid. Setup and monthly fees vary from country to country and start from $2 (cheapest phone numbers are currently available in US/North America country code). Buying phone number is very easy 4-step procedure which takes no more than 3 mins to pass.
To buy a phone number, please follow these steps:

1. Subscribe to the service from our website:

  • Go to the main page of this site and submit your user id by pressing "Invite" button, then accept invitation from .

2. Send MYPAGE command to service bot from inside of your IM messenger, wait till bot responds with a link to your personal account page and click it.

3. Click on "Buy a phone number" and pass the following four steps:

Step 1. Choose a country you want to buy a phone number from, then click "Next >>>"

Step 2. Choose an area code you want to buy a phone number from and click "Next >>>"

Step 3. Choose a phone number from the list of available and click "Next >>>"

Step 4. Confirm your choise by clicking "I confirm and want to buy this number!"

Important notes:

  • Setup fee and monthly fee will be charged to your balance right after you confirm your choise, so you will have to have enough credits to complete the purchase.
  • Your phone number will be available right after purchase is successful, so you can try calling your purchased phone number right away.
  • You will have 12 (twelve) hours to test the phone number and release it within this test period and have 100% (setup fee + monthly fee) funds return.
  • Releasing purchased phone number after testing period won't lead to refund. So, if you face any issues with your phone number, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • Monthly fee will be charged your account each month starting from the date of purchase. If there will be no sufficient credits to prolong your phone number subscription, the number will be released automtically and will be exposed to other users for purchase. So, please, don't forget to update your balance in time.
  • You can release (unsubscribe) your phone number at any time (use "Manage your phone numbers" on your personal account page).
  • After you release your phone number it is no longer belonging to you and no monthly fee is charged.
  • And the last. You can buy as many phone numbers as you want, all calls to your phone numbers will be routed to your messenger.

Have a nice call!

Send all your questions and ideas for further service improvements to GTalk2VoIP TEAM. We would certainly like to hear from you!

If you've tested and liked our services, please let your friends know about it, send them a voice mail. Thank you.

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