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- By true Date 2007-07-16 05:29
it is sad that  i'm writing my frustrations with the service,

but i believe i am voicing quite a number of users who feels the same way too,

i've been using different sip phone clients with common codecs installed of course, but following the instructions of calling Yahoo and MSN never really work for me,

my contacts and I have been expiriencing "Endedbyclient Errors" , "No voice signal detected" , and Forwarded the  voice call to the E-mail despite that the user being online, i watch these threads in the forum and tried those solutions you offerd but to no avail.

you even indicated that the service may have a bug with its codec negotiations , and i wonder if its still there, unfixed?

and what about the bug of tagging an MSN user as Yahoo account and vice versa in the service registration?
Parent - By ruslan.zalata Date 2007-07-16 09:40

If service did not work for you it does not it is not working for everyone. We have 2000 calls passing thru the service every day to MSN and Yahoo. What did you do ? How did you make a call ? Can you please provide bit more details ? I believe you did something wrongly.

Parent - By loell Date 2007-07-17 23:43
hi, this a proof that the service does work, perhaps redo your setup and try again

video demo

i'd say however, that there is always room for improvement...
Parent - By ruslan.zalata Date 2007-08-01 10:27
Hello Loell,

Cool video, thanks.

I agree that lots things require improvements and we are working on that persistantly (perhaps we don't have enough hackers here). Yet, ppl must understand that the those service is a pure hack and many things can never be improved since there're bugs in messengers, in yahoo/msn/google servers and their protocols (except perhaps XMPP/Jingle) are complete crap. . Anyway, if you can see a way that some or another thing can be improved - let us know and we will do it. Thanks.

Parent By loell Date 2007-08-02 12:47
hi ruslan, its been a while , it good to hear from you.

yes, i sympathize with you on that matter.  these aging proprietary protocols have their caveats and what not.
actually the  service is doing a noble service, bridging the close voice IM protocols to the vast open standard like SIP and XMPP/Jingle.

and giving the vast Linux Desktop access  to those voice service that only exist in Windows and or Mac platform
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