This service is NOT provided by Google.
The company providing this service is NOT affiliated with Google either.

Google has shut down their Google Talk application for Windows. GTalk2VoIP users are encouraged to switch to our Talkonaut application and to new accounts to proceed using GTalk2VoIP service.

Important notes:

- Google Hangouts is NOT compatible with GTalk2VoIP service, switching to Hangouts will not let you use our service. Sorry.

- You can download our Talkonaut application for PC, for iPhone/iPad or for Android devices here.

- You can register new account here.

- Once you accomplish registration of a new account, you will receive an email containing link for transferring existing balance to your new account.

- You can request a manual transfer of your credits by emailing to us at

- You should manually add your phone contacts in format to your Talkonaut contact list, where +91XXXXXXXXXX is a phone number beginnign with country core (+91 is for India in this example).

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