Registering new VoIP provider for service GTalk2VoIP

You have to pass three step registration procedure to submit a new VoIP service providing company for serving GoogleTalk users. We assume that the person who does the registration is a company staff representative to do such operations. This procedure will require you to supply some confidential information about your company such as payment credentials, contact persons, etc. All the information is needed to operatively solve technical problems as well as to do banking. Please, be prepared.

Registration steps include the following:

Step 1. Registering your company, technical contacts and payment details.

Step 2. Defining your voip gateways and testing them. We currently support H.323 signaling protocol only (yes, SIP is in development). Testing is done when you accept incoming call from GTalk2VoIP routed throu your gateway and dial in DTMF sequence required.

Step 3. Defining your communication rates and destinations. We assume that all your gateways are equal in abilities to route calls to a certaint destination, i.e. calls routed to same destination but different gateways are charged same price.

This is your Step 1.. Register your voip service providing company.
Please, fill in and submit the form below. All fields are mandatory!

Administrative requisites
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Send all your questions and ideas for further service improvments to GTalk2VoIP TEAM. We would certainly like to hear from you!

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